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The premium class from Franke Coffee Systems

The FoamMaster™ is in the premium class of coffee

machines for good reason: whether its classical Coffees

or warm and cold milk creations with perfect foam of

the right consistency – with the FM 850, you can effortlessly

dispense your customer's every wish into a cup. Thanks

to the revolutionary operating system with touchscreen navigation,

operation is particularly easy, efficient and individually

adjustable. In addition, it is a true visual delight with it shiny

black panels and elegantly designed housing.


Franke FM850 wins the Red Dot Design Award 2014


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In a revolutionary step forward, the FM 850 introduces intuitive touchscreen technology to the world of coffee

machines. This technology makes it possible to easily, efficiently and flexibly configure the operation of

the device. You can assemble your seasonal beverage selection, choose between four different operating

modes and conveniently load images and advertising messages.

Best Milk Foam Quality

Foamed milk of “barista” quality at the touch of a button: the FM 850 makes it possible. With this coffee

master, you can produce different milk foam consistencies at temperatures ranging from hot to cold for the

same product, creating the perfect Latte Macchiato or Cappuccino. The milk is foamed quickly and gently –

ensuring that the beverages come out just right everytime.

Limitless Beverage Options

Combined with the chocolate powder dosing unit and the Flavour Station, the FM 850 makes it possible

to prepare countless beverage creations just as you like them – from classic specialties to original creations.

Make the FoamMaster™ your own personal favorite barista who knows all the tricks and makes your every

wish come true.

Easy to clean

Even when it comes to cleaning and care, the FM 850 is unbeatable: The proven Clean+Clever System from

Franke ensures impeccable and simple cleaning of the device in a short amount of time. Thanks to this optimal

cleaning system, the FoamMaster™ gives you firstclass enjoyment every day whilst also ensuring HACCP


Attractive design

Jet black, high gloss finish and timelessly modern in design, the FoamMaster™ underlines not only a

sense of high quality but also a feeling of unburdened ease and endless possibility. The FM 850 manages

to accommodate its full expertise in a single unit, and its elegant style adds the finishing touch to any interior.


Features of the FM850*

Espresso (cups/hour) 162 (232)

Cappuccino (cups/hour) 161 (232)

Café Creme (cups/hour) 115 (151)

Hot water (cups/hour) 168

Chocolate (cups/hour) 156

Energy loss in hot beverage dispensers per day (kWh) 1.98


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