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Coffee Works Express - Coming Soon- The NEW Mazzer ZM Display


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ZM features sets of burrs specifically studied and
designed to grind either filter coffee or espresso

The lowest coffee retention ever seen, <0.45g
> 1 bean you grind, 1 bean you get ground

> Perfect burrs parallelism to get perfect particle
size distribution of coffee grounds

> Low r.p.m. with excellent grinding speed
keep coffee grounds cooler to preserve coffee
flavour and taste compounds thanks to ZM’s
ventilation system with electronic control
and also low RPM (rotation per minute)
900 (50Hz) r.p.m. – 1050 (60Hz) r.p.m.
Micrometrical grind adjustment mechanism to get

> Maximum precision

> Simple and Fast
-20 pre-programmed grind settings recordable on
the control panel via LCD display
-Smart knob to navigate the menu
Grinding Chamber > easy to clean

> On-demand dosing capability
Adjustable grinding time

> Secure double safety switch

> Keep your counter spick and span
With the special patented lockable canister system

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